Reinforced galvanized UPVC door and window

Today, the use of UPVC doors and windows in the construction industry is very popular due to its advantages and especially its effect in preventing energy loss. But the plastic profiles made of PVC alone lack the necessary strength and it is necessary to strengthen it by using galvanized metal profiles that are embedded inside the plastic structure so that it does not twist, bend and deform over time. For several reasons, galvanized reinforcement profiles should be used in UPVC doors and windows, some of which are:

  • Preventing damage to the UPVC profile and bearing the pressure on the door and window from the building
  • Creating the optimal performance of the fittings installed on the door and window and not leaving the door and window from the standard regulation.
  • In tall buildings, it reduces the pressure caused by the wind on the window surface
  • Preventing the window from changing in different weather conditions and preventing the window from shrinking and expanding
  • Very suitable reinforcement and complete stability of the connection of the window to the building
  • Bearing the pressure resulting from the weight of glass on UPVC profiles

These profiles are generally made of heavy galvanized sheet with thicknesses of 0.8 to 2.5 mm. The standard thickness of galvanized is 1.25 to 1.5 mm for windows and 1.5 to 2 mm for doors. For windows and doors that are installed from the 7th floor and above, in order to withstand strong wind and also in wide windows, it is better to use thicker products, 1.5 mm galvanized for windows and 2 mm for doors.

Their shape is mainly studded, G-shaped, or can-shaped. The fact that these profiles are galvanized is also due to its anti-rust property.

Currently, Pars Metal Group has the ability to produce reinforced galvanized structures for all types of UPVC profiles. Below is a section of related abilities.

  • Production of galvanized structures with variety in size and thickness for all types of UPVC profiles available in the market and at the customer’s request
  • Proper packaging for transportation and storage
  • Production of reinforced galvanized structures in lengths of 3 meters and 6 meters according to the customer’s request

Pars Metal Group produces Kenaf structures and some of its connections. Some of the related products are announced below.


  • Profile F47
  • Profile U36
  • Profile L25


  • F47 connection clip
  • Clip HT90
  • U36 connection bracket

Kenaf structure and connections

The false ceiling and partition wall of Kenaf are dry construction systems that include plaster (or cement) coated plates and cold-rolled galvanized steel sections, which act as cover and steel profiles as substructure.
Benefits such as:

  • ease
  • High speed and accuracy in execution
  • Safety against earthquake and fire
  • Thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation
  • Easy repairs and maintenance

It has caused that today dry construction systems are used as a substitute for traditional obsolete methods (masonry) in the construction industry.
Kenaf’s dry construction systems have much higher ease, speed, and accuracy compared to traditional methods, and for this reason, they enable significant savings in construction time and costs.

Choosing this construction system in the design and calculation stage of the structure, on the one hand, will reduce the dead load of the building, and on the other hand, it will reduce the force caused by the earthquake.

Custom structures

With the aim of improving the quality and satisfaction of customers, Pars Metal Group produces custom structures at the request of dear customers by creating a department for the production of custom structures.

Below we mention some products

  • Water troughs used by livestock farms
  • Flushing of dry building facade
  • Advertising structures including billboards, enclosures, covers, etc.
  • Elevator cabin and roof of pargings