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Introduction of false ceiling, dry wall and their advantages

A fixed house and shelter has been one of the basic necessities of life since humans turned to an agricultural lifestyle. Until a recent century, house building in each region was subject to the climatic conditions of the region and the materials available in it, for example, in Iran, mountainous areas are mainly made of stone, desert areas are made of clay, forest areas in the north are made of wood, and tropical areas are in the south. Mats were used in house construction. The common point in all of them is the design of the thickness of the walls in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region with the aim of maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the house.


Over time, with the increase of human population and with the advancement of technology and transportation industry, the structure of buildings has become closer to each other, and today one of the components used in most buildings is false ceiling and dry wall. Currently, instead of using old and traditional materials in the form of cement, bricks and blocks, prefabricated materials are used, which have much higher advantages than old materials, and also the speed of construction will be much higher in this way. Was. In this article, we discuss false ceiling, dry wall and their applications.

Definition of false ceiling

A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is installed under the main roof structure and is one of the types of modern ceilings. Due to the high variety of materials used in it, various types of designs can be implemented on it, which means the high potential of this type of roof to implement various types of interior design on the roof. As you know, roofs are very important from an environmental point of view due to their impact on energy efficiency, and in terms of aesthetics and interior design, they also affect the mood of residents. The aesthetic importance of the false ceiling is such that in the real estate market, the ceiling or ceiling design in the interior space is considered as one of the important features of the property.

Other names of false ceiling

The false ceiling, which is known in English by the original name of Dropped Ceiling, has other names as well, which are:
1. T or T-Bar ingot roof
2. False Ceiling
3. Suspended Ceiling
4. Grid Ceiling
5. Drop In Ceiling
6. Drop Out Ceiling
7. Ceiling Tiles


Types of false ceiling:


1. Kenaf false ceiling

2. Rabbits false ceiling
3. Grillium false ceiling
4. Wooden false ceiling
5. Acoustic false ceiling
6. Aluminum false ceiling (Dampa)
7. PVC false ceiling
8. Eyeglass false ceiling
9. Combined false ceiling

We will introduce each type of false ceiling in the next content of the site.

False ceiling and drywall components

The main main components of false ceiling and dry wall structures include three parts: covering plates, metal structures and their connections. In the following content, the complete introduction of these components will be discussed.

Advantages of false ceiling and drywall

• High variety and beautification of the interior of the building
• High thermal and acoustic insulation and helping to maintain the temperature conditions inside the building
• The possibility of separating the internal spaces of the building from each other without the need for changes in the structure of the building
• Covering thermal installations and systems and easy access to them
• Ease, comfort and high speed of execution
• The safety and resistance of this system against earthquakes due to its lightness and high flexibility
• The ability to resist fire and moisture (if the right panel is used)
• High formability, especially in decorative matters
• The ability to change old spaces and transform them into new uses with high potential.
• Recycling more than 75% of used materials
The above advantages have made this system one of the most suitable methods for the renovation of old buildings.

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