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Ebtekar Sazeh Novin Baharan Tous Cooperative Company (under the brand name Metal Pars) is the only manufacturer of UPVC door and window reinforced galvanized structures in the east of the country and a producer of light structures and false ceiling and wall connections. Also, this group, having the facilities of cutting and bending metal sheets up to 3 mm, is ready to provide services in this field to respected customers all over Iran, especially Khorasan Razavi.

CEO : Engineer Ebrahimzadeh Metal Pars

Brief introduction of Metal Pars

This group started production in 1984 under the brand name of Tawheed Metal Industries.

At the beginning and at the same time as the construction period after the revolution, this complex was proud to serve the countrymen in the field of making all kinds of kitchen cabinets, and in the following, providing services for the improvement of the educational and administrative fleet by producing tables and benches and archive files. Production unit was added.

Reinforced galvanized UPVC doors and windows

Reinforcement galvanized in desired dimensions and sizes


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Custom structures


False ceiling and wall structures

False ceiling and wall structures and their connections


Welding and bending services

Cutting and bending of 3-meter sheets with a thickness of 2 mils


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Khorasan Razavi – Mashhad – Kalat Road – Kilometer 17 – Industrial Town – Phase 4 – 6 Sarv Street – Plot 1324

Postal code : 9358139005

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Colleagues who help us achieve our goals

Rooyandood Kaveh Steel Complex

Kaveh coated steel complex located in Kaveh industrial city (Saveh city) is one of the main producers of galvanized sheets with an annual capacity of 150 thousand tons. In addition to the import of colored sheets and ArcelorMittal Kazakhstan products, this company has also provided the possibility of meeting other needs of customers with the supply of Mubarake Isfahan steel products. All offered products are sold in the form of coils, sheets and forms for use in various industries.

Amir Kabir Steel of Kashan

Amirkabir Kashan Steel was first established under the name of Fajr Sepahan Galvanized Industries Company in 1995. This company was put into operation in 2000 on a land with an area of 72 hectares, located 14 kilometers east of Kashan city. The galvanizing line of the factory with a nominal capacity of 140,000 tons per year is designed for thicknesses in the range of 0.25-1.25 mm and widths from 600 to 1250 mm. One of the advantages of Amirkabir Kashan factory is its geographical location, which is located in the center of Iran.

Qazvin Haft Almas Industries

Haft Almas Qazvin Industries was established in 1996. The construction operations of this company started in 2001 and in 2003 it was put into operation with a nominal annual capacity of 100,000 tons of galvanized sheet with a thickness of 0.3 to 2 mm and a width of 1000 and 1250 mm. The galvanized sheet products of this company meet 15% of the domestic market needs and about 20-40% of the total production capacity is also sold in the international markets.

Shahrekord Taraz steel

Taraz Steel Company was established in 2008 with the joint investment of Atineh Steel Naqsh Jahan Company and Toka Steel Investment Company in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province under the name Taraz Chaharmahal Coated Sheet Industries. The name of this company is derived from Mount Taraz in Chaharmahal province Bakhtiari is a sign of greatness. The construction and installation of the factory equipment started in 2013 on a 2.7-hectare land in Shahrekord Industrial Town and was inaugurated on November 8, 2016 by the first vice president.

Mobarake steel complex of Isfahan

Mobarakeh Steel Company is one of the leading Iranian companies that works in the field of steel sheet production. This company, with the mission of playing a central role in the industrial, economic and social development of the country and upgrading the technology level of the steel industry, as a world-class organization, takes a major share of the country's steel production for use in the automotive and parts manufacturing industries, light metal industries, heavy metal industries and It produces fluid transmission pipes, packaging industries, household and electrical appliances industries, and pipe and profile industries.

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